Mike Hirsch: Ohio Farm Lifer

We’ve been fortunate to work with Mike Hirsch, fourth generation owner-operator of Ross County, Ohio’s Hirsch Fruit Farm, since 2009. Strawberries for Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk brought us together, and now Mike also grows what we need for Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries and our fall pumpkin flavors. While the strawberries and pumpkins are grown on…

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Mint Maven Val Jorgensen

Val Jorgensen: registered nurse, breast cancer survivor, organic farm owner-operator, mint maven. We’ve worked with Val since 2003, the year she grew a couple of pounds of organic peppermint for Jeni to use in her first batch of Backyard Mint ice cream. Since then, we look very forward to this time of year, not only so we…

In From the Fields: Summer Ice Creams

The summer harvest is in, which  means Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries and Backyard Mint ice creams are back on our menu. Sample them in our scoop shops, or find pints online and at a grocery store near you. The flavors and aromas of summer corn, berries, and mint are translated perfectly in both of these ice…

Snail of Approval

We believe in a lot of really good stuff here at Jeni’s. We believe that everyone should have access to fortifying and delicious fresh foods. That we are just one of many species that reside on this planet and we should treat it accordingly. That everyone should have the right to choose who they marry….

Hallelujah! Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream Has Returned!

Mercy, mercy, me. Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk ice cream has returned. Summer just isn’t in full gear until this stuff has come back around. If you’re new to our classic summer flavor, have a sample in one of our scoop shops, find it in the freezer of your neighborhood grocery store, or order it online. Unlike…

The Peach Truck & Jeni’s

The Peach Truck’s Stephen K. Rose says his Nashville-based company has exactly one mission: “to provide the best peaches on the planet to as many people as humanly possible.” From mid May through mid August, Rose, his wife Jessica and their small team do  just that. In addition to providing the Georgia peaches we use…

The Prodigal Sundae!

LeBron James, northeast Ohio’s prodigal son, has returned to the fold! We’re celebrating the Chosen One’s second stint with the Cavs the only way we know how: with ice cream. When you step into any shop this weekend, consider ordering what we basketball fans here at Jeni’s are enjoying right this very moment—the Prodigal Sundae: Salty…

Of Ice Creams and In-Season Berries

Recent photos from Hirsch Fruit Farm means two things: berries are in season and more of your favorite summertime ice creams are returning to the menu. Stay tuned for specific release dates, which we will announce very soon. Meanwhile, have a look at these jewel-like berries from Hirsch’s south central Ohio fields. The beautiful, ruby strawberries…

Freestylin’ Jeni’s Recipes

The Freestyled Coconut Cream Cake, using mixed and matched recipes from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts. Ever look through really old cookbooks? Most of the recipes read more like casual driving directions than the hyper-specific, do-this-or-you’ll-fail steps of most contemporary cookbooks. I love those old recipes. They make me feel competent. When you figure out…

New Eye Candy: Flavor From the Midwest Posters

If you’re fortunate enough to be near a scoop shop, we hope you’ve been able to sample the new Flavor From the Midwest: Distant + Familiar collection: Cherries Kickapoo, Pineapple Upside Down Cake Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt, Cantaloupe & Sun Tea Sorbet, and Saison With Sunflower Seeds & Golden Flax. We also hope you’ll take a moment…

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