True, strong, undiluted coffee taste, thanks to freshly roasted beans ground and steeped in grass-grazed Ohio milk. The flavor and aroma of coffee is encapsulated and translated perfectly.

Flavor Story

The key to making a great black coffee ice cream, one as satisfying as that first cup of coffee in the morning, is simple: skip coffee flavorings and extracts and other shortcuts, and use expertly roasted, honest-to-God, just-roasted coffee. The coffee we use is from Atlanta’s Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters. Since 1986 these coffee fanatics have roasted coffee beans from around the globe, and we love working with them.

We steep Batdorf & Bronson’s single-estate, “coffee without compromise” ground beans coffee in grass-grazed Ohio milk. (For the record, coffee aficionados, the blend we use is Guatemala Antigua Finca El Valle.) The hands-on process produces a coffee ice cream that tastes as delicious as a cup of intensely flavorful coffee smells every time.

Pint of Black Coffee

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