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Summer is here, folks! And that means our shops are in full warm weather swing with so many new flavors you’ll want to devour every single day. Including beautifully tart Orange Blossom Chiffon with the aroma of orange flowers and tangerine. And brand new salty-sweet Atlantic Beach Pie with a lemony pop. Plus, Sun-Popped Corn, Blackout Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Buttermilk, and Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam.

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two scoops of orange blossom chiffon on a sugar cone on a pale purple background

Orange Blossom Chiffon

Beautifully tart cultured buttermilk and fresh yogurt with the aroma of orange flowers and tangerine. One of Jeni’s favorite high summer flavors. Available by the scoop for a limited time.

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a closeup photo of atlantic beach pie ice cream on a sugar cone with a bright blue background

Atlantic Beach Pie

Inspired by the classic salty, sweet, and citrusy Southern pie. Sweet cream ice cream with a swirl of tart lemon custard and heavy hand of saltine cracker gravel. Available by the scoop in shops nationwide.

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a closeup photo of a cone of sun-popped corn ice cream on a sugar cone

Sun-Popped Corn

A Jeni’s classic is back for a limited time! We start with BjornQorn’s large-kernel popcorn that really is popped by sunshine. Then blend these bright kernels with sweetened cream and grass-grazed milk. An ice cream that tastes exactly like a bowl of fresh, buttery popcorn.

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a close up photo of blackout chocolate cake ice cream on a buttercrisp cone

Blackout Chocolate Cake

Calling all chocolate lovers. This is your ice cream. A chocolate ice cream quadruple threat with cake, extra-bitter fudge, and chocolate pieces. Now available by the scoop and in pints!

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Strawberry Buttermilk

Grown-for-us Ohio strawberries blended with cream and cultured buttermilk for subtle tartness

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Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam

Buttermilk ice cream, crumbled biscuits, and swirls of fresh-made peach jam.

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