2016 year in review

Scroll 👇 for a look back at what we did last year.

PB&J Sundae

We took your favorite sandwich and turned it into a sundae.

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American Licks

We made a collection of classic ice cream flavors that tasted exactly as you remember them—but better than they ever were.

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Jeni’s Ă— Valley Cruise

Our pin game got super strong.

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Jeni’s × Four & Twenty Blackbirds

We took pie a la mode to a whole new level.

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Jeni’s + Castanea

Jeni announced a new partnership and shared her vision for the future.

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Peak spring

We made strawberry ice cream—before strawberries were available.

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Street Treats

We released new single-serve cups (with a spoon under the lid).

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Now vending

We put vending machines in John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

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Buttermilk Frozen Yogurts

Our BFYs were a BFD.

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Vice President Biden stopped by.

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Early Summer

We released a collection of flavors based on a road trip from Maine to North Carolina.

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Pints on demand

We launched on-demand pint delivery from our shops.

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The Peach Jam

We celebrated the return of Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam with a party in Nashville.

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The Strawberry Jam

We did it for peaches… why not for strawberries, too?

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Scent Matters

Jeni made an edible version of Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess fragrance.

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Metal taster spoons

We replaced the plastic taster spoons in our shops with reusable metal spoons for sampling.

High Summer

We released four perennial flavors that showed off the beautiful bounty of summer.

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Jeni’s Ă— Lucius

Lucius popped in—and we raised money together for the LGBT community.

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Jeni’s × Sister Pie

We road-tripped to Detroit for a collab with Sister Pie.

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Creative Thinking

Jeni gave the commencement address to Ohio State University’s 2016 summer class.

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Special delivery

We rolled out $13 flat-rate shipping to the lower 48—and a new delivery box.

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Our collaboration with Stone was a badass matchup.

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Jeni & Ellen’s road trip

Jeni and Ellen Bennett hit the road for an epic adventure.

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Seattle Blooms

Jeni went to Seattle to collect inspiration for a new flavor.

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Splendid Holiday

We released a collection of holiday flavors guaranteed to spark conversation at the table.

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St. Stephens House

We made ice cream with kids at St. Stephens Community House in Linden.

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Jeni’s × Mr. Holmes

We got baked.

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Holiday 2016 Catalog

We created a 28-page ice cream extravaganza for your gifting pleasure.

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Adopt a Senior

We helped deliver over  5,000 presents to 1,300 fixed-income seniors.

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Jeni’s Armitage

We opened a shop in Chicago in the middle of December. It was 20 degrees.

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Superlative ingredients

To make our ice cream this year, we used 19,695 lbs of strawberries, 2,163 lbs of popcorn, 4,260 lbs of sweet corn, 1,209 lbs of black raspberries, 10,480 lbs of sweet potatoes, 8,395 lbs of kabocha squash, 2,422 lbs of blueberries, 15,078 lbs of blackberries, 10,811 lbs of honey, 11,968 lbs of goat cheese, 402 bottles of whiskey, 27,743 lbs of almond brittle, 5,136 lbs of coffee, 1,248 lbs of sea salt, 13,070 lbs of organic yogurt, 37,266 lbs of Fair Trade cocoa powder, and 780,827 pounds of milk from pasture-raised cows.