On Saturday, Feb 4—Ice Cream for Breakfast Day—our scoop shops will open early and donate 100% of sales (every single penny you spend, minus sales tax) from 9 a.m. to noon to local nonprofits. Bring your parents, grandparents, kiddos, pals, and neighbors, and let’s show the world some kindness.


100% of sales will go to The Columbus Foundation’s Gift of Kindness Fund, which provides one-time grants to help individuals and families through unexpected setbacks.


100% of sales will go to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s Angel Fund, which enables some incredible public servants, or “angels,” working in the nonprofit sector to help people in need.


100% of sales will go to the Unity Fund of The Chicago Community Trust, to continue to support essential lifelines in the community, including shelter, food, clothing, health services, and job training.

Los Angeles

100% of sales will go to the Pass it Along Fund of the California Community Foundation, designed to help people in critical moments of need without expecting anything in return.


100% of sales will go to Project Healthy Grandparents, a Georgia State University program that helps grandparents, who are raising their grandkids, with various support programs.


100% of sales will go to One80 Place—to end homeless and hunger by providing food, shelter, and hope to those in need.

St. Louis

100% of sales will go to Ready Readers, a nonprofit that inspires preschool-age children from low-income communities to love books and improve their literacy skills before entering kindergarten.

Chagrin Falls

100% of sales will go to The Refugee Response, an organization that empowers refugees to become self-sufficient and contributing members of their new communities in Northeast Ohio, through tutoring, community agriculture, and scholarship programs.