Atlantic Beach Pie

There’s an old Southern legend that warns diners not to eat dessert after a seafood meal, lest they fall ill. Salty-sweet Atlantic Beach Pie was the exception with its cracker crust, lemon custard filling, and whipped cream top. Our version—sweet cream ice cream swirled with homemade lemon pudding and buttery, saltine cracker gravel—is a frozen homage to this Southern staple. Our ice cream hits all the notes of a perfect dessert: sweet, tart, citrusy, salty. If this summer has one IT dessert, it’s Atlantic Beach Pie.

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Nothing flies out of our freezer faster than these five flavors.

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Ice Cream Sandwiches

Made to share with friends (but you don’t have to).

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Pint Club

Three pints of Jeni’s delivered four times a year. #bestgiftever

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Sure bets from our gift concierge. (You’re welcome.)

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Street Treats

Single-servings in ready-to-roam cups (with a spoon under the lid).

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Blue Ribbon Baby

Step right up! Your baby gets a blue ribbon!

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Black Cat

Syrupy and sweet espresso beans from Intelligentsia steeped in cream.

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Buttermilk Frozen Yogurts

Five tangy and creamy buttermilk frozen yogurts unlike anything you’ve ever had.

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