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Ice Cream as a Living Artifact

Nostalgia has a way of changing things: what we remember is often better than what actually happened. I find this to be especially true of the ice creams I loved as a kid. Though I recall Cookies and Cream as decadent and satisfying, it now seems icy and uninspired. This realization sparked the idea for our Winter 2016 Collection, American Licks: Ice Cream as a Living Artifact. The collection was both a throwback (honoring the flavors we grew up with) and a nod to contemporary ice cream technologies (celebrating our ability to recreate moments that only ever existed in our memories). We set out to design classic ice cream flavors that taste exactly as you remember them, but better than they ever were. – Jeni

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Black & White Cookies

Scratch-made darkest-chocolate cookies with flecks of white chocolate in vanilla-scented cream. Best eaten under a blanket fort with a flashlight.

We can trace the origin of Cookies & Cream ice cream to the 1970s, when Steve Herrell, the godfather of the ice cream mix-in, created the flavor. By 1983, the sugary chocolate cookie and sweet cream ice cream was the country’s best-selling flavor. Black & White Cookies is our nod to this slumber-party staple. We make truffle-like cookies from scratch in our kitchen using Fair Trade cocoa powder. Our ice cream is vanilla-scented and dotted with flecks of white chocolate—a touch meant to mimic sweet cream filling. It’s softer than the original, more complex and packs a punch of flavor.

Green Mint Chip

Peppermint cream colored with spirulina and crunchy chop chocolate. All the green and chocolate crunch you remember.

Color has a big impact on how we perceive flavors taste. For most people, green ice cream tastes mintier than other colors. Knowing this, we couldn’t create our version of Mint Chocolate Chip without a familiar peppermint-leaf hue—a shade we achieve naturally using spirulina. Beyond color, our Green Mint Chip base is peppermint cream speckled with chips of chocolate made with 50% cocoa. It’s all the green and dark chocolate crunch you love with an unbelievably clean cool-mint finish.

Orange Sherbet

Orange juice and a splash of sweet cream. Best served in a HoJo metal bowl.

Orange Sherbet is even older than the HoJo metal bowls you may remember spooning the frozen treat out of. The old-school combination of ice and fruit was served at NYC’s earliest restaurants, and orange was the most popular flavor. We bring sherbet into this century by using every part of the orange—juice, pith and zest. It’s like biting into the fruit itself: sweet, tart and just a touch bitter. Adding a hint of cream is what gives our sherbet luxurious oomph.

LUXARDO® Cherries Jubilee

LUXARDO® cherries and brandied sweet cream. An update on an amazing classic.

We have French cuisine titan Auguste Escoffier to thank for Cherries Jubilee. He was the first to pair flambeed cherries with brandy and vanilla ice cream—a showy dessert crafted for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. We’d proudly serve our beautiful ice cream iteration to royalty. The base is brandy-scented for a distinct boozy flavor, but no alcohol bite. Every spoonful has a generous helping of rich and jammy Luxardo Maraschino Cherries. They’re the best candied cherries in the world made by a 200-year-old, family-owned Italian company.

Pralines & Cream

Molasses and vanilla ice cream with sugar-coated pecans made for us by Krema Nut Co.

Sugar-covered pecans have been a candy-shop staple since the 19th century. By the early 20th century, pralines graduated to sprinkles status, used as a popular ice cream topper. Our iteration stars amazing cinnamon-and-sugar-coated pecans made just for us by Krema Nut Company in Columbus, Ohio. Nuts are folded into vanilla and blackstrap molasses (one of Jeni’s favorite ingredients) ice cream. The result is a caramelized cream that plays perfectly with sweet-salty pralines. Pralines & Cream is as comforting as a roaring fire on a winter day.

Candied Ginger

Ginger cream colored subtly with fruit juices and beets with sugared ginger. A ginger-lover’s ginger.

At America’s first ice cream parlor, opened in 1790 in New York City, ginger was the flavor of the day. Our country’s love for this spiced ice cream hasn’t waned in more than 200 years—it’s one of our customer’s most requested flavors. Our version pounces on your palate with a sweet-spicy dose of ginger mixed into sweet cream, and pops of candied ginger pieces for tongue-tingling effect. Candied Ginger’s soft pink color is inspired by the pickled ginger on a sushi plate. It’s a hue we get naturally with fruit juices and beets.

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