2014 Annual Report

Talent, hustle, and guts


We bought over 800,000 pounds of ingredients directly from growers and producers

683,000 lbs of grass-grazed milk

15,000 lbs of strawberries

17,000 lbs of blackberries

98,000 ears of corn

5,000 lbs of sweet potatoes

5,000 lbs of pumpkins

660 lbs of mint

3,600 lbs of blueberries

18,500 lbs of honey

600 lbs of black raspberries

10,200 lbs of goat cheese

24,000 lbs of cocoa powder

4,800 lbs of chocolate bars

We worked hard to reduce our impact on the environment

180,000 lbs of organic scrap donated to piggies

3.7 million gallons of water saved by our new cooling tower

40,000 lbs of organic waste composted

3.1 million gallons of water saved by optimizing our dipping wells

11,000 lbs of material recycled or repurposed

76,000 gallons of water saved with new ecologic system

We gave back to our communities with time, money, and sweat

866 employee volunteer hours

$320,000 in cash and in-kind donations to causes and charities

We sponsored our first annual community service days

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