Monthly Archives: October 2015

Freezer goals

Pints! Pints! Pints! Pints are back in our scoop shops and grocery stores across the country! Check our Pint Finder to find the closest place to buy Jeni’s near you.

Introducing our new pint design

I’m super excited to announce that our pints are almost on the way back to you—and with a very chic new look and feel! The first thing you’ll notice when you see them is that we’ve switched from plastic to paper. The next thing you’ll notice is the punchy design. Because we make so many…

Neighborhood Spotlight: Central West End

Jeni’s Central West End opened in June, making it our first scoop shop in St. Louis. We knew this historic and architecturally rich neighborhood would feel like home to us and we’ve enjoyed getting to know our new neighbors. Recently we chatted with St. Louis resident, Jessica Leitch. She runs City in a Jar, a…

New partner announcement

As we shift our focus in our kitchens to doing the stuff that only we can do—ingredients, recipe, process (read more about all that here)—our network of growers, producers, and makers is continuing to grow. In addition to Smith Dairy, we are now working with a second company that has the extra capacity and the…