Monthly Archives: July 2016

Jeni’s still loves Lucius!

We fell hard for Lucius a few years ago (and blogged all about). And our love has only grown for the Brooklyn-based band with an indie pop vibe and lauded reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone and The New York Times. Whether you’re super fans like us, or simply want to check out the…

Inside our Strawberry Jam + why we love Joe DeLoss of Hot Chicken Takeover

It’s no secret we geek out about the strawberries in our Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk ice cream. Little gems ruby red to their core and far more flavorful than their bite-size appearance would have you believe. So deep is our love for farmer Mike Hirsch’s strawberries—grown just for us an hour away from our kitchen—we had…

Meet THE Mary Kamm

It’s easy to think that 21st century ice cream is all about all on trend flavors. Throw the word “crack” after something salty sweet and you’re in business. Or shred beets and farmstead cheese into your ice cream base and you’ve got “artisan ice cream” game. We’ve been at this so long we practically wrote…

The legend of Atlantic Beach Pie

There’s an old legend in the South, specifically in North Carolina, that if you had dessert after a big seafood meal, you’d fall ill. Some recounts of this bit of lore even claim diners would drop dead if they dared to sneak a slice of something as sweet as chocolate cake after a seafood dinner….