3 things to know about Cream Puff ice cream

Our Cream Puff ice cream is the runaway hit of the summer. We absolutely love this flavor and know that you will, too. Because it tastes exactly like a classic Old World cream puff—addicting, bright, and candy-like vanilla in a salty custard with loads of pastry flakes. It’s just colder, rounder, and easier to eat off a cone or spoon.

Here are three things that make our Cream Puff ice cream so freaking special:

1. The vanilla tastes artificial—in a great way—but is 100% natural.
Bavarian cream is usually made with artificial vanilla—a bright, single-note vanilla (think old-school vanilla milkshakes). We wanted to get that same unreal, candy-like vanilla flavor, but our way. We searched our vanilla libraries to come up with the perfect, all-natural vanilla that mimics the artificial one-note flavor we were seeking. That’s not an easy to thing to find because real vanilla is normally rich in flavor—like our Ndali Estate Vanilla, which has notes of jasmine, honey, smoke, and donuts.

2. Salt is the secret ingredient that makes this ice cream so addictive.
Sounds newfangled, but no—adding a little salt into vanilla cream is an old technique used to balance the sweet cream, give it depth, and make it truly delicious.

3. It’s inspired by the cream puffs served at an old Columbus restaurant.
When Jeni moved to Columbus in 1985, she wanted to know: What is THE dish people in this Central Ohio town line up for? In her hometown of Peoria, Illinois, there were lots of special foods worth a queue: a pork tenderloin sandwich, fried chicken, cakes and cookies for celebratory occasions. But what was Columbus’s thing?

Almost everyone gave her the same answer: the massive cream puffs at Schmidt’s, a 100-plus-year-old German restaurant just outside of Downtown. People still line up for these fist-sized cream puffs, and for good reason. We challenge you to find a more perfect iteration of the Old World classic—soft puff pastry overflowing with so much salty vanilla custard it practically explodes when you take a bite. And it’s impossible to take just one bite (trust us, we’ve tried).

We think our Cream Puff ice cream has the same can’t-get-enough effect. Try for yourself!