Hey, everyone, we’re launching a new series here at  Jeni’s blog central: 5 Friday scoops—5 things we love from the week that was.

Here we go!

1) Little League World Series superstar Mo’ne Davis.

In a world gone mad we’ve still got Philly phenom Mo’ne Davis. The Illinois squad knocked Mo’ne’s team out of the competition Thursday night. But my goodness, seeing her do her thing this week against a bunch of talented boys who totally respect her and that bad-ass arm heaving 70 m.p.h. fastballs almost made us weep tears of joy.

2) David Letterman’s candid tribute to Robin Williams.

Late Night With David Letterman in the ’80s was can’t-miss TV. You tuned into your NBC affiliate at 12:30 a.m. and got something unexpected every night. The same went for Late Show With David Letterman, when he moved to CBS in the early ’90s. As the years have gone by, the interviews have been, well, safe. An actor is there to share a rehearsed anecdote, and Dave, for the most part, is there to serve up softball questions. It didn’t used to be this way.

His 10-minute reflection on his late friend Robin Williams, who had been a friend for 38 years and was a guest on Letterman’s shows 50 times, was everything you wanted from a eulogy of a man who used to call himself Mork from Ork:

3) The Peach Truck’s Instagram page.

Specifically their stop-motion animation. Their stream is already pretty enticing to look at and does a great job telling their story, which involves Jeni’s. The animation is just icing on the (peach) cake.

4) Tom Killion’s Japanese woodcut prints.

Anthology magazine’s Anh-Minh Le turned us on to these. The colors are beautiful, the scenes are tranquil, the stories are poetic. We love them.

5) Ethan, Kroger customer service rock star, and his spectacular mullet.

As a child of the ’80s (and, ahem, ’70s) reared on Motley Crue, Van Halen, and Ratt I sincerely appreciate Ethan’s 5-star ‘do. Every time I’ve shopped my neighborhood Kroger during the past year I’ve made sure to check in on the mullet’s progression.

Lo and behold, here it is fully matured:

Props to Kroger, who by the way is well-stocked with Jeni’s pints, for letting Ethan cultivate this beauty among the aisles.

Ethan, may you rule forever.