A Life-Changing Question Amidst the Menu

Whether you’re in seventh grade or in your seventh decade, there’s no better place for a first date than an ice cream shop. Ice cream is the perfect conversation piece, no matter your age, gender, or station in life. It’s timeless, it’s multi-sensory, it’s universal, it always has as story, and it can be an emotional experience.

Since the opening of our first scoop shop more than a decade ago in the North Market, our shops have played host to countless couples on first dates and couples sharing that first kiss. They’ve also been the sites of proposals and even one full-blown wedding. Couples have also used our shops and chalkboards as props for their wedding invitations.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought we’d share our most recent matrimonial story from the shops.

Last last year in our Bexley shop, we were delighted to help a Columbus couple take that big step toward tying the knot. Lauren Yoder and Brian Mead, who met through a dating website, had their first date (and their first kiss) in the Bexley shop and have been regulars since. So, it was only fitting that Brian take a knee there.

“Lauren and I met on eHarmony,” Brian said, “After talking with her, she said how much she liked Jeni’s ice cream. I planned our first date for the Jeni’s Bexley location.

“When we met at the shop, I was so nervous that when Lauren asked me if I wanted to try any flavors, I replied, ‘No,’ because I didn’t know what else to say. Lauren picked out an ice cream and the clerk looked at me and asked want I wanted. In a panic from being nervous I ordered a hot fudge sundae. I didn’t realize that the was very large amount of ice cream! Lauren ate her little scoops of ice cream and I was still chowing down on this huge sundae. This has been a running joke ever since.

“I knew after our first date, knowing how much Lauren loves Jeni’s ice cream, that if I were to every ask her to marry me that I would do it at Jeni’s. I came up with the idea of writing ‘Lauren, will you marry me’ on the menu board because I wanted something that was not to over the top but still kinda special.”

Joe called the shop and made arrangements for the shopkeepers to write the proposal on the menu board. Lauren, knowing what she was in the mood for, read right over it, requesting Loveless Biscuits + Peach Jam.

“I asked her if she wanted to try any other flavors. She replied, ‘No, I don’t think so,’ and I thought, ‘Well, crap, now what do I do?’

“Luckily she then saw the message and started to tear up. I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me. Lauren was surprised that I asked at Jeni’s and it was a memorable event and Jeni’s will always be special to us.”

Congratulations to the happy couple who will marry August 9. Hip, hip, hooray!

Photos by Emily Menter.