Acres of Flavor: Late Harvest Collection

Late Harvest Collection

Our new Late Harvest Collection features four ice creams that pack acres and acres of flavor in lick after lick. Every one beautifully represents just what we can do when our kitchen team works in concert with Ohio farmers who work the land just an hour’s drive or so from our Columbus kitchen.

The Late Harvest Collection includes:

SWEET POTATO WITH TORCHED MARSHMALLOWS: This Perennial favorite epitomizes built from the ground up. Every ice cream we make calls for hands-on attention, but perhaps none more so than Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows. First we roast sweet potatoes scented with Vietnamese cinnamon. Then we peel, mash, and fold them into grass-grazed cream and layer in the soft and chewy marshmallows we make from scratch and blow torch with precision in our kitchen. The marshmallows, by the way, remain soft and chewy in the ice cream.


CINDERELLA PUMPKIN: Here’s a new twist on Heirloom Pumpkin 5-Spice, one of our most popular Autumnal ice creams. This year we’re roasting and caramelizing heirloom pumpkins known as Cinderella pumpkins (so named because they look like the pumpkin Cinderella’s fairy godmother turned into a carriage). Hirsch Fruit Farm in Chillicothe, Ohio, grew this year’s batch for us, and just after they’re delivered we roast and caramelize them, then blend them with light brown sugar, cinnamon, and grass-grazed cream. Cinderella Pumpkin ice cream is laced with warming late-harvest season spices and while it might sound a bit rich,  it’s surprisingly light.

SWEET CORN & BLACK RASPBERRIES: When nearby farmers deliver just-picked sweet corn, we shuck and cream it (using a bad-ass hand-held tool called the E-Z Creamer), then blend it with with grass-grazed cream and add a brambly, made-in-house black raspberry sauce. A seasonal superstar, this deep-purple popular number is as delicious as it is beautiful.

WHISKEY & PECANS: Our friends at the Columbus micro-distillery Middle West Spirits provide us the fuel for this one. Oyo (“O-why-O”) whiskey, a spirit derived from 100% Ohio soft red winter wheat, is blended with grass-grazed cream, transformed into a lovely ice cream, then laden with crunchy, salty, double-toasted pecans. For those of age at home, try a scoop served neat with an Oyo sipper on the side. That’s an office favorite this time of year.

The Late Harvest Collection is available online and can be shipped throughout America. Individual flavors also can be ordered online and are available in all of our scoop shops and at select grocery stores in the United States.