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Jeni’s Community Service Days

Here at Jeni’s, our employees spend lots of hours outside the offices and kitchens making our community a better place. But tomorrow, we’ll be concentrating our efforts during the Columbus Volunteer Challenge, a city-wide call-out to Columbus businesses, non-profits, universities, and community groups to participate in community service events through Thursday September 11. (If your…

Ship it Back

Consider for a moment Styrofoam. The rock star of the shipping world, right? It’s sturdy, cheap, and lightweight, and because of it, ice cream and so many other wonderful things can travel fresh and frozen through the mail. But Styrofoam’s indestructible nature, well, isn’t so good for nature. So, while we continue to research alternative…

Snail of Approval

We believe in a lot of really good stuff here at Jeni’s. We believe that everyone should have access to fortifying and delicious fresh foods. That we are just one of many species that reside on this planet and we should treat it accordingly. That everyone should have the right to choose who they marry….