Banana Cajeta. Yes, Please.

Here’s something special to share with your sweetest on Valentine’s Day—Banana Cajeta.

Available in our scoop shops, in select grocers’ freezers, and at, it’s one of the stars of our Valentine’s Day Collection, and it’s made with four main components: Ripe, fresh bananas blended with Ohio honey, grass-grazed Ohio cream, and swirls of sweet and tangy small-batch cajeta from Vermont’s Fat Toad Farm.

For those not in the know, cajeta is a traditional Mexican confection. It’s a thick, sweet caramel syrup made from boiling goat’s milk down with sugar until it caramelizes.

Check it out—bananas are blended with cream and added to the ice cream machine. Once it’s ready, it flows forth, then Fat Toad Farm’s goat’s milk caramel sauce is poured and blended into an utterly divine swirl of goodness:

Banana Cajeta. Yes, please: