Bitter inspiration

As a kid, Jeni loved Schweppes Bitter Lemon Soda. It was bright, bitter, and ever so slightly sweet. As an adult, Jeni was reminded of this long lost love while flipping through the pages of an old Gourmet magazine. She stumbled across a 1968 full-color ad for the soda company’s bitter orange and lemon soft drinks (pictured below). The full-page ad bragged that their sodas are made with the entire fruit, “pulp, peel, and all.”


That gave us an an idea. Why not take advantage of the entire lemon to round out our lemon sorbet? To make every spoonful as refreshing and mouth-puckering as biting into an actual lemon. Adding zest imparts a sunny aroma of lemon. Juice gives it tartness. Pith lends dryness and texture, holding everything together.

Our new Whole Lemon Sorbet is tart and punchy, just like a great lemon ice. It’s part of our Early Summer Collection now out in pints and by the scoop in shops.