New in dairy-free: Our collab flavor with the talented Clare V.

“If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?”

This is a question Jeni loves to pose to her friends, typically stumping whomever she asks for a good few minutes. But LA-based and French-influenced designer Clare Vivier didn’t hesitate with an answer. She would be an Almond Milk Cortado—an espresso cut with roughly equal parts almond milk. Thus began our collaboration with the owner of Clare V. to create dairy-free Almond Milk Cortado—the best dairy-free coffee flavor the world has ever known—which drops in shops nationwide today.

Just as with our dairy-filled coffee flavors, Almond Milk Cortado tastes exactly like coffee smells. We get this taste by steeping Intelligentsia’s El Gato coffee blend (which is nutty with notes of stone fruit and dark chocolate) and lightly roasted, ground almonds directly into coconut cream. A process that captures only pure, clean coffee flavor (not an ounce of bitterness) with a lingering pleasant nutty bite.

In light of our new flavor, Jeni recently caught up with the fabulous Clare Vivier on the patio of our Larchmont shop. Below is a short excerpt of their conversation about the inspiration behind our new flavor. But you can view their full interview on IGTV here.

Jeni: I’d like you to meet one of my favorite people in the world, Clare Vivier. Clare is an amazing fashion designer, bag designer, and a good friend of mine. Clare, what else do you design? You’re designing clothes, bags, hats?

Clare: And ice cream!

Jeni: Yes! You guys we are doing a collaboration with Clare.

Clare: It’s called Almond Milk Cortado because it’s my favorite drink at any cafe. Jeni asked if we wanted to do something together, and I was like, Yes we do. And I want it to be Almond Milk Cortado. It took about 5 seconds to decide what we wanted. I don’t eat cream; it doesn’t settle well with me. I asked if we could do something non-dairy. And you said yes.

Jeni: Which is so funny. We’ve jumped into the dairy-free realm this year, but it’s been years in the works. … One of the reasons it’s taken us so long is because I never wanted to put out a dairy-free ice cream that dairy eaters don’t want. I have this dairy standard for non-dairy ice cream. So when you said you wanted to do a dairy-free it was perfect because, at the moment, I was really excited about the work we were doing. You just tasted it today for the first time today, what did you think?

Clare:  I just devoured a cone. Devoured it. That’s the first ice cream cone I’ve had in years because I don’t eat ice cream. I was so pleased; it was so delicious.

Jeni: OK, I love origin stories from entrepreneurs. How did you start Clare V.?

Clare: I like to say that we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. We started in 2008, and I only say that because 2008 is when I got my bags into my first store. Which is Mohawk General Store, and is still one of my favorite stores. They were right down the street from my house. I walked down the street and said, Would you be interested in carrying these bags? I had sewed them myself. She said sure. So that’s how I started. But, I have been doing this for years. I started with the idea of creating the perfect laptop bag for women.

Catch Jeni and Clare’s full conversation on IGTV.

A dairy-free flavor isn’t the only thing Clare designed for our collaboration. Inspired by her signature playful-chic Parisian aesthetic, the Clare V. team created the artwork for our hand-pinted pints, which reads Almond Milk Cortado in French. And they designed a limited-edition, black cone pin to commemorate our partnership. Find both in our scoop shops nationwide.