Cyber Monday Mouthful: Feuerzangenbowle Sorbet

Cyber Monday shoppers, our new limited edition flavor, Feuerzangenbowle Sorbet, is available only online and in select shops, beginning today.

The details of today’s deal:

  • 100 pints available online
  • 10 pints available at each of these shops: Short North (Columbus), Southport (Chicago), Westside Provisions (Atlanta), and 12 South (Nashville)
  • $18/pint; includes a recipe card for the Feuerzangenbowle Cocktail, which involves rum and fire

When the pints are gone, they’re go, so act fast! And if you’re planning to nab a pint from one of the shops, the rule is you must go to one of the shops to get it. We want a fair playing field for all, so we won’t be able to set aside pints for callers.

Feuerzangenbowle (“foyer-zangen-bowla”) is a popular wintertime punch in Germany, especially around Christmas and New Year’s. The name translates to “fire tongs punch” and serves as a warming drink on cold winter nights. Traditionally, the punch is served in a bowl with tongs laid across the top. A rum-soaked cone of sugar is placed on top of the tongs and is then lit on fire. The sugar is melted by the flame and drips slowly into the wine.

Our version of Feuerzangenbowle combines a mixture of oranges, pears, red wine, spices and brown sugar. It’s best with a shot of spiced dark rum poured over the top and lit, then doused with a bit of red wine to snuff the fire. The sorbet’s cold, but its earthy flavors reminiscent of holidays in Eastern Europe will warm your soul.

Here’s how to enjoy Feuerzangenbowle Sorbet:

  • Put 2 ounces (1 scoop) of the sorbet into a coupe or highball glass.
  • Pour 1 ounce of rum over the sorbet,  then light it; that’s optional, but it’s a lot of fun—it crackles!
  • Put out the fire with 1 ounce of red wine
  • Add a cinnamon stick as a garnish (optional)

Oh, and if you need help pronouncing Feuerzangenbowle Sorbet, truly a mouthful of a flavor name, check out this video of folks in Columbus’ North Market taking a stab at it. Some came close, some did not, and one, Chef Hubert Seifert of Spagio, set us straight. Happy Cyber Monday, Feuerzangenbowle fans!