Our favorite ice creams for breakfast

Update: A scientist confirms what we already suspected—that eating ice cream for breakfast will in fact make you smarter. So come eat ice cream with us on Saturday morning. Your IQ depends on it.

This Saturday, Feb 4, is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. (Yes, this is a real thing.) To celebrate, all our shops will open early and donate 100% of sales—every single penny you spend, minus tax—from 9 a.m. to noon to local nonprofits. (Here’s the full list of benefiting charities.) Ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, pints, coffee, t-shirts, books—everything is included except gift cards.


Of course you are free to enjoy the no-rules, judgement-free morning anyway you like. Top a generous scoop of Roxbury Road ice cream with even more Salty Caramel sauce. Devour all the Bangkok Peanut ice cream you can handle. Or snag some fresh brioche from the local bakery, get a few pints to go, invite a few friends, and create your own ice cream and toast bar. All are sound ways to commemorate this glorious day.  

But if more traditional breakfast flavors are what you’re really after, here are some morning combinations sure to wake up your palate.

Love cereal and milk? Pair Wildberry Lavender ice cream (which tastes kind of like Fruit Loops) with Sweet Cream ice cream. It’s better than cereal milk.

Is oatmeal more your jam? Go for Brambleberry Crisp. With a swirl of tart berry jam and oven-toasted oat streusel, it’s practically a bowl of oatmeal and cream.

Can’t live without coffee? You can never go wrong with Jeni’s House Coffee, a steaming hot cup of Intelligentsia coffee with a scoop of whipped-cream-like Sweet Cream ice cream. Or skip the hot bev and make it an all-ice-cream version with Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso and Sweet Cream or Ndali Estate Vanilla ice creams.

Feeling like coffee cake? Get a big, heaping scoop of Gooey Butter Cake. It’s cream cheese ice cream (so it’s practically made for a.m. hours) with soft vanilla cake and caramel-butterscotch sauce. Make it a trio with Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso ice cream (your coffee stand-in), and Lemon Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt to lighten everything up.

Need a little hair of dog? Go for bright and refreshing, gin martini-inspired Juniper & Lemon Curd ice cream.


All fun aside, the international holiday is a chance to break the rules a bit—but it’s also a great opportunity to come together and help our communities. Because, let’s be real, the world could always use a few more free-wielding acts of kindness. Bring your parents, grandparents, kiddos, pals, and neighbors, and let’s show the world kindness has the power to make a difference. See you Saturday!