Flavors From Earth Have Arrived

Attention, fellow Earthlings:

The first batch of our 2012/2013 Flavors From Earth payload has been launched from Jeni’s headquarters and has arrived in all scoop shops and at

The delicious cargo includes two perennial superstars, Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows ice cream and Cranberry Royale Sorbet, as well as Maple Walnut ice cream, a new limited-edition juggernaut that packs time-and-space-shifting taste, texture, and aroma.

We believe each of these flavors exemplifies what makes humans so special, which is our spirit of creativity and our deep-seated desire to collaborate with others. Built from the ground up using the most exquisite ingredients grown and produced by our planet’s farmers and artisans, Flavors From Earth are the ideal portal through which to experience our beloved holidays.

What’s more, we believe that to have one bite of any of these Flavors From Earth is to understand what it means to be alive on Earth, which is why we’ve decided to share the fruits of our labor. As you read this, deep space dwellers (light years away) are, we hope, receiving their very own FFE time capsules.

We sent them into space with the hope that they will find and bring great pleasure to distant life. And when (and if) the ultra-creamy contents reach alien life form, we hope that it’s considered a message in a bottle, a handshake, a peaceful introduction to Planet Earth.

FFE Vol. 1

SWEET POTATO WITH TORCHED MARSHMALLOWS: Pure comfort for your cone—baked sweet potatoes scented with Saigon cinnamon, folded into silky, grass-grazed cream and studded with made-from-scratch, hand-torched marshmallows. This Flavor From Earth no doubt is our most laborious to create, with each from-scratch marshmallow receiving undivided attention in the line of fire.

MAPLE WALNUT: Maple syrup-laden sweet cream with pockets of gooey maple custard and crunchy, buttery roasted walnuts throughout. With a lovely aroma and taste that rockets you back in time, Maple Walnut amassed in a cup or cone is a mountain of otherworldly delight.

CRANBERRY ROYALE SORBETFresh cranberries and juicy grapefruit tempered with subtle sweetness. It’s downright pretty, with the heavenly hues that streak early-morning and late-evening winter skies. It’s a heavenly terrain for anyone to explore, but especially for our vegan friends. This regal sorbet is as dairy-free as the winter nights are long.

Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows, Maple Walnut, and Cranberry Royale Sorbet. Now available in scoop and pint form in our shops and—with the previously launched ice cream Pumpkin 5-Spice—in our Thanksgiving Collection at

Stay tuned for more FFE news throughout the holidays and into the new year, with new batches of Flavors From Earth yet to come.