Flavors From Earth New Year’s Eve Collection

The Flavors From Earth New Year’s Eve Collection

Toast the year that was and usher in the one to come with the Flavors From Earth New Year’s Eve Collection — three sparkling, fruit-laden sorbets that channel the swanky side of life here on our planet, PLUS Ugandan Vanilla Bean, Earth’s supreme vanilla ice cream.

Popping with incredible flavor and made entirely from scratch with 100% real fruit, Cranberry Royale Sorbet, Riesling Poached Pear, and the Gallo Award-winning Cherry Lambic are superb sorbets straight up. But they’re exquisite and worthy of a special New Year’s toast when paired with your favorite celebratory Champagne — or a gin-and-Ugandan Vanilla Bean mixer.

Our sorbet collection spans sweet, tart, and dry. Pair any of the three sorbets with a sweet sparkling wine or a brut Champagne to make fragrant, sparkling, toast-worthy New Year’s cocktails to your specific tastes.

Champagne or a decent domestic sparkling wine — whatever you prefer, bubbles and sorbets are a beautiful way to celebrate the new year.

Cranberry Royale Sorbet
Fresh cranberries and juicy grapefruit tempered with just enough sweetness. Downright pretty and rosy-pink — like the otherworldly winter skies at dawn and dusk.

Cocktail suggestion: Lakeside

Put 2 small scoops of Cranberry Royale into a Champagne flute. Top with Champagne.

Cherry Lambic Sorbet
Tart, true cherry flavor. Sweet and sour, effervescent Lambic beer on the mid palate. Clean, refreshing, and exhilarating finish.

Cocktail suggestion: Pink Ladybird

Put 1 scoop of Cherry Lambic into a Champagne coupe (or flute). Shake 1-1/2 ounces of gin & 2 tbsp of Ugandan Vanilla Bean; pour over Cherry Lambic.

Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet
Light, but surprisingly rich, with pure pear flavor and a pleasant, naturally grainy texture. Notes of sweet Ohio Riesling wine shine on the finish.

Cocktail suggestion: C’bus 75 (a riff on the French 75)

Cut 1 lemon into wedges. Put 1 scoop of Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet into a double Old-Fashioned glass. Pour 1-1/2 ounces Cognac over, followed by a squeeze of lemon. Float with pink Champagne and add the lemon peel.

And by the way, gin and Ugandan Vanilla Bean shaken together is also fantastic poured over Riesling Poached Pear or Cranberry Royale Sorbet.