A note from Jeni: Flavors so spectacular, they never needed dairy

It’s a banner day for us at Jeni’s. Today is the day we shake up the dairy-free game forever with four vegan ice creams that are so good, even you steadfast dairy lovers will love them. Myself included!

Before we get to the flavors themselves, I want to explain a little about how we got here and why. A few years ago we set out to make the best dairy-free ice cream in the world. We tried all the so-called innovative and trendy ingredients—pea proteins, algae, every kind of nut milk you can imagine. Some worked OK. Others were comically bad. Not a single one lived up to our standards of flavor and quality.

We took a step back and realized our premise was all wrong. It’s simply impossible to ask ingredients that are not milk or cream to act like milk or cream. Dairy proteins are magical and wondrous and can do things that other ingredients simply can’t—no matter how much innovation you dream up.

So we gave up trying to mimic the flavor and texture of dairy. And returned to the roots of what it is we do here every single day—source the best ingredients we can find and use our know-how to make them shine.

It’s taken a few years with our heads down in the test kitchen, but the result is worth it. We have created something new and remarkable that can stand on its own. A new kind of frozen dessert that is so lush, so satisfyingly delicious that even dairy lovers will seek it out and crave it.

Every flavor lives up to our standards. Which means they are made with the best, most flavorful ingredients we can find. That includes high-quality coconut cream, one of the keys that makes these flavors so impossibly creamy. Coconut cream is the most delicate and delicious part of the coconut (unlike coconut milk that’s just too watery and crumbly to get good results in ice cream). And we took the time to seek out the best in the world. We know this because of its bright white color (see the swirl of coconut cream in Cold Brew with Coconut Cream for reference). Lesser quality coconut cream has a grayish hue.

We have created something new and remarkable that can stand on its own. A new kind of frozen dessert that is so lush, so satisfyingly delicious that even dairy lovers will seek it out and crave it.

Though coconut cream and dairy cream are very different from each other, the two share at least one truly remarkable trait—they melt below body temperature. As you lick it, it relaxes and releases flavor, which means these flavors are as enjoyable from a cone as they are from a spoon. (And you know I have a thing for enjoying my ice cream from cones.)

They are every bit as satisfying as dairy ice creams but in a completely different way. Imagine the texture of a sherbet you loved as a kid—as soon as it hits your tongue, the creaminess explodes on your palate and the flavor blooms. Four bites in and I promise you’ll be addicted. And you’ll be going back for more …  I may, or may not, have eaten an entire pint of Cold Brew with Coconut Cream for breakfast this week. (I definitely did.)

I am a dairy lover. I grew up in the Midwest, surrounded by wonderful dairies and ice cream created with top milk. And we just created dairy-free flavors that I love just as much. These flavors are for everyone. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

And without further ado, here’s our lineup—available in scoop shops, online, and select grocery stores now—and a little about what I love in each flavor.

Texas Sheet Cake

Get your spoon ready. This cake—I mean ice cream—is a team favorite and it won’t last long in your freezer. It’s inspired by the Sunday church potlucks I frequented as a kid when I’d beeline for the dessert table to get a slice of the one-inch-high chocolate on chocolate cake. This ice cream is the perfect rendition of cake and ice cream. It’s ice cream and cake!

Roasted Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam

Growing up PB&J was always my favorite flavor of sandwich and ice cream. This ice cream highlights all that is beautiful in the classic combo. Robust, salted peanut butter flavor. And fresh strawberry jam that we make from scratch with berries picked at the peak of ripeness so they’re bursting with sweet-tart flavor.

Cold Brew with Coconut Cream

This flavor is off the charts. It’s really decadent. Our friends at Slingshot Coffee make amazing cold brew, so we decided to turn it into a sorbet to allow all the nuances of their coffee truly shine through. They actually created a blend just for us—one that would stand up to the swirl of sweetened, pure coconut cream. It’s like the most refreshing coffee drink, ever.

Dark Chocolate Truffle

This flavor is the first we made. It’s not supposed to mimic dairy chocolate ice cream. It’s just supposed to be the best chocolate ice cream out there, dairy or not. Made with, you guessed it, a lot of chocolate. A little coconut cream, the best, lushest part of the coconut and voila! We created one of the finest chocolate ice creams ever made, dairy-free or not (it is!).