Follow along: Jeni + Ellen’s epic road trip

On Monday, I’m heading out on an epic road trip with Ellen Bennett, the brilliant spitfire behind LA-based apron company Hedley & Bennett. I met Ellen three or four years ago when I showed up at her first apron factory and basically decided that we should be friends for life. And since then we’ve been like a couple of peas in a pod running around America. And though I’m in LA often, she’s never been to Columbus. So, we’re gonna change that! I can’t wait to host Ellen in my favorite city, and gather some of her chefs, her fans who are, like me, obsessed with her aprons!



We’re calling it Jeni & Ellen’s Ice Cream and Apron Adventure (and we also reverse Ellen and Jeni at will). We’ll be packing her Apron Squad and my ice cream team into an RV (yeah, that’s right!) and trekking through five great American cities. Like a rock band on tour. Only we’re two scrappy entrepreneurs looking to conspire with some of our country’s best makers and shakers. Like an old-school, grassroots campaign. Ellen and I will meet makers, celebrate creativity and community, and share ice cream and aprons everywhere we go. We want to inspire entrepreneurs (future and current), and show that you can do it if you’ve got enough hustle and go. So, get out and say hello!

We’re kicking off Monday, Oct 24 in our homebase of Columbus. Then hitting the road and heading south to Louisville, KY (Oct 26), Nashville, TN (Oct 27-29), Atlanta, GA (Oct 30-31), and Birmingham, AL (Nov 1). In every city, we are dropping in on favorite hometown chefs, hosting ice cream socials, pop-up shops — and who knows what else!

Follow along on our adventure with #IceCreamAndApronsForAll, and on my Instagram feed. I’ll be posting city-by-city updates on our blog, too, so check back in.