All the fruits sundae board

At Jeni’s HQ, our favorite no-fail, always impressive dessert (with almost no fuss) is the sundae board. Think of it like a cheese board that swaps the brie and gouda for ice cream and buttermilk frozen yogurt. Subs cookies for crackers. Keeps the nuts and jam. And maybe we throw in some hot fudge or caramel sauce. That’s the beauty of a sundae board—it’s 100% customizable!

This Fourth weekend we are keeping it light with an all-fruit sundae board that’ll stun guests at your backyard BBQ. Here’s what you do:

  1. Pick the best fruit you can find, wash and slice it up. (If you want to get fancy, try slicing melon thin, then rolling it into decorative flowers, holding them in place with a toothpick or skewer.
  2. Grab a few pints of your favorite ice cream. In our version, we’ve stuck to the fruit theme with our tart and creamy Watermelon BFY and Orange Blossom BFY (both now back in scoop shops). We also suggest adding a pint of Sweet Cream, which is like frozen whipped cream.
  3. Arrange all of the above on a cheese board, nice wooden cutting board, or platter. And serve!

Pro tip: Try using cheese spreaders with the ice cream instead of spoons or scoops. 

Also, keep checking back. We’ll share our favorite sundae board combinations from time to time to give you plenty of new ideas.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!