Gentlemen, Start Building Your Sundaes

Sharpening a pocket knife by hand. Tying a bow tie. Shuffling a deck of cards.

To the list of the gentlemanly arts, dads across the country can now add building the sundaes of their dreams.

Our Father’s Day Collection includes everything Pop needs to make the Gentleman Brawler sundae (above) or the equally fabulous Bananarama and Chocolate Aztec:

The Bananarama:

The Gentleman Brawler:

  • Whiskey & Pecans ice cream
  • Shagbark Gravel
  • Honey Butterscotch Sauce
  • Hand-whipped cream
  • A cherry on top
  • On the side: two fingers of your favorite whiskey or bourbon, however you take it (we like Middle West’s)

The Chocolate Aztec:

But whatever your old man comes up with, let him know to share his creations with the world so we can all learn a little something from him this Father’s Day. All he has to do is:

  1. Build the sundae
  2. Name it
  3. Shoot it
  4. Tag it: #jenisgravel
  5. Go to and check out all the sundaes being made throughout America

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.