Grass-Grazed Milk News You Can Use

We’ve got some news you can use: Snowville and Jeni’s are celebrating a breakup.

Here’s how, here’s why.

Have you had Snowville Creamery’s yogurt? It’s crazy good and we’re super in love with it around here. In order to supply the growing demand for their amazing yogurts, Snowville needs to use all of the milk available in their family of farms. In turn, they no longer have enough milk to meet both their needs and ours.

With that, it’s with a pinch of sadness and a big dash of “Hip hip hooray!” that we’re here to announce, that in order to allow the production of Snowville’s much-loved whole milk yogurt, our ice creams will no longer be made with Snowville’s milk.

As you may know, Snowville Creamery is the sixth dairy we’ve worked with in the 12-year history of Jeni’s. Because of our work together over these last few years, we’ve raised awareness and demand for grass-grazed dairy. Just a few years ago it was not possible for our little company to compete for grass-grazed. All of the supply from grass-pastured dairy farms in Ohio was co-mingled with conventional milk. We’re proud that our work together contributed to this great change.

And now we’re equally excited to let you know that we’re now partnering with a small family of Ohio family farms—all within 200 miles of our kitchen—to supply the grass-grazed milk for our kick-ass ice creams. We believe this is a big step forward that will allow us to bring even more grass-grazed Ohio milk—the Champagne of American dairy—into our communities and onto our spoons.

We want to be clear, though: right now, we’re using only grass-grazed milk, not cream. Grass-grazed cream continues to be in very high demand throughout the country. (We like to think we had a hand in moving that dial.) Right now, we’re working diligently to find a partner (or partners) who can meet our needs for both grass-grazed milk and cream. Once we do, you will be the first to know!

To more pleasures!