Gravel-inspired Country Gold Sundae = Poster Winner

It’s time to announce the first winner in our summer-long, fan-made sundae-of-the-week contest.

Winner no. 1 is Jacqueline Chang for her beautiful and delicious Gravel-inspired sundae the Country Gold, which we’ve commemorated for Jacqueline in the poster above.

We loved Jacqueline’s way with the new sundae components Shagbark Gravel, Honey Butterscotch Sauce, and Chamomile and Double-Toasted ice creams. And we loved the name, which poetically sums up the look and taste of the lovely sundae.

We’ll announce winner no. 2 next  Friday (June 14), so get to Graveling in our scoop shops (and at home with the Gravel Collection).

The next winner will be selected from among sundae pictures tagged #jenisgravel between now and the closing of shops at 11 p.m. (EST) Thursday June 13. Use our Gravel Photo Menu to check out all the other sundaes that are trending.

And once again, here’s how to Gravel—and document your creations—in our shops and in your home:

  • Choose your ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt
  • Choose your sauce
  • Choose your gravel
  • Make it fancy with accoutrements (e.g. cherries, smoked almonds, whipped cream, waffle cone wedges, sprinkles)
  • Set up your backdrop (free in all shops and included with every Gravel Collection online)
  • Shoot it
  • Eat it
  • Tag it #jenisgravel
  • Visit

The Country Gold, Jacqueline Chang’s Gravel-inspired, poster-winning sundae.