Gravels & Sauces Now Available To Go

Some exciting news from the Department of Gravels and Sauces:

  • Beginning today, we’re making all six Gravels and two of our original sauces, Salty Caramel and Honey Butterscotch, available to go from our scoop shops.
  • All Gravels are available to order in 3- and 6-packs at—you choose the Gravels for each each pack. And Salty Caramel and Honey Butterscotch sauces can also now be purchased at

Since the release of Gravel last month, we’ve loved seeing all of your sundae creations. Keep up the great work. We recently awarded our first poster winner. So, when you make your sundaes, don’t forget to shoot and tag them #jenisgravel and check out everyone’s work at

And if you’re new to Gravel, here’s what’s available in our scoop shops and at

SALTY GRAHAM GRAVEL: Sweet, crumbled graham crackers baked with butter and a heavy pinch of sea salt. The perfect sweet and salty topping.

DONUT GRAVEL: Little bits of powdered sugar donuts, with colorful party-time sprinkles. Sweet!

HOT BENNESEED GRAVEL: Nutty benne seeds (sesame seeds) bathed in chili paste and Ohio wildflower honey. Pleasant crunch and heat.

EVERYTHING BAGEL GRAVEL: A buttery streusel laden with onions, garlic, cayenne, and sesame and poppy seeds. Salty, sweet, savory, spicy—everything in a classic everything bagel.

CHOCOLATE BLACKOUT GRAVEL: Baked nuggets of cocoa. Airy, sweet, and salty, with deep, rich chocolate flavor.

SHAGBARK GRAVEL: Lightly salted Shagbark Seed & Mill corn chips crumbled, buttered, and baked. A unique savory topping to add thick, crunchy texture.

Jeni’s original sauces (recipes for each are in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home):

SALTY CARAMEL SAUCE: Slowly toasted sugar mixed with generous amounts of sea salt, cream, and vanilla beans. Nostalgic and warm, with a nutty finish that goes on for miles.

HONEY BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE: Slowly caramelized Ohio wildflower honey mixed with butter, cream, and a big pinch of sea salt. Rich and aromatic with a salty, buttery finish.

Sauces available only in shops (and not available to go):
  • ROASTED STRAWBERRY SAUCE: Oven-roasted strawberries in a sauce from the juices of the roasted strawberries. Very fragrant and just sweet enough, with full, rich strawberry flavor. Tastes like summer.
  • EXTRA-BITTER HOT FUDGE SAUCE: Very thick, extra-bitter, intensely flavorful chocolate sauce. Served warm and drizzled over a favorite ice cream, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream.