Guava Cloverton

The new Guava Cloverton, part of our Valentine’s Day Collection, proves that a great ice cream flavor requires few main ingredients—as long those ingredients are top-shelf.

Here’s what we use to make the sunny new Guava Cloverton:

  • Grass-grazed Snowville cream
  • Soft, super-creamy Cloverton (cow’s milk) cheese from Laurel Valley Creamery in southern Ohio
  • Pockets of guava jam made in our kitchen

Together, the ingredients taste like a creamy tropical cheesecake, and here’s how we do it:

First, we make the sweet guava jam, which has an intense, concentrated flavor. Pulverized guava is blended with sugar, heated for 30 minutes, set aside to cool, and refrigerated until it’s time to blend it into the Cloverton cheese and Snowville cream ice cream:

Once the jam is set aside, it’s time to make the ice cream with Cloverton cheese from Laurel Valley Creamery, which is near the Ohio River town of town Gallipolis (“Gal-eh-police”), Ohio:

Cream and sugar is mixed then poured over the Cloverton cheese and further mixed together (not pictured). Then we strain the mixture, separate it into buckets, and add more cream:

The cream-sugar-Cloverton cheese combination is added to the machine to freeze into ice cream. Once it’s drawn from the machine, the final step is mixing our from-scratch guava jam into the Cloverton cheese ice cream:

And here it is—Guava Cloverton ice cream:

Enjoy Guava Cloverton atop a waffle cone or solo in a bowl, or try it with scoops of Banana Cajeta and The Milkiest Chocolate in the World.