Hot Buttered Rum


Hot Buttered Rum is my favorite cold-weather cocktail. My friend, the dearly departed Bruce Hildreth, then-chef of Columbus’ beloved Tapatio restaurant, showed me how to make a perfect Hot Buttered Rum sometime in the mid 90s (I was always at his hip back then), and it has been my favorite winter cocktail since. Normally it’s made with a big spoonful of butter, some sugar, boiling water, and jigger or two of rum, but lately I’ve been making it with our Honey Butterscotch Sauce instead of butter and sugar. All you have to do is drop a spoonful of our Honey Butterscotch into a warmed mug, top with some boiling water, and a few ounces of rum.

Now, switch on the gas fire, load Janis Ian on the turntable, and pop open a good read (The Viking’s Woman?). Seriously, folks, can you think of a better evening?


1 heaping spoonful Honey Butterscotch Sauce
1.5 oz dark rum
2 oz hot water

Take a heaping spoonful of Honey Butterscotch sauce and place (still on spoon) in the bottom of a small glass. Top with hot water and dark rum. Stir and enjoy. Add additional hot water to taste.