Huckleberry Frozen Yogurt & Backyard Mint

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve added two flavors to the menu today. One, Huckleberry Frozen Yogurt, is brand new, and the other, Backyard Mint, is an old friend.

Huckleberry Frozen Yogurt

This is a first for us. Huckleberries, which are like tarter blueberries, aren’t conventionally farmed. They’re available only in the wild,which means they’re a really labor-intensive crop. And all the labor’s in the foraging on rugged terrain.

But we recently were able to get our hands on a half-ton of huckleberries from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest (specifically near Mount St. Helens). Left: a cup of the cache (frozen for safe transport from Washington). Right: huckleberries blended with yogurt and cream:

When mixed with tangy, biodynamic yogurt (above right), the combination makes a stellar addition to our fruity frozen yogurt lineup.

Huckleberry Frozen Yogurt pairs beautifully with Cloverton and Pistachio & Honey, as well as any frozen yogurt on our menu. Try it in our shops or ship it your home via

Backyard Mint

We’ve made this perennial favorite for many a summer. Once again we’re using fresh-picked, organic peppermint from Jorgensen Farms.

We steep the chopped mint in cream.

And the result is a flavor that’s just sweet enough and completely refreshing with an herb-garden finish.

Backyard Mint is a perfect with scoops of Cherry Lambic Sorbet and Dark Chocolate.

Try Backyard Mint in our shops, order it at, and look for it on the shelves of your favorite grocery store or market.