Introducing our new pint design


I’m super excited to announce that our pints are almost on the way back to you—and with a very chic new look and feel!

The first thing you’ll notice when you see them is that we’ve switched from plastic to paper. The next thing you’ll notice is the punchy design.

Because we make so many unique flavors each season—often on a short-run, limited-edition basis—we need the ability to design and print pints for new flavors throughout the year, and we need the ability to change these designs quickly and efficiently.

Currently, paper pints offer the most versatility in design and production. And they can be printed with considerably lower minimum orders than plastic pints, which is important at a time when we’re working hard to maintain our flexibility and agility.

Paper offers us all of that and, at the moment, plastic does not.

Our new signature look is a study in clarity. The flavor is positioned dead center, our juicy orange—Pantone 172—boldly on white. We pumped up the ingredient list as large as we could fit it in the space because we actually want you to read the ingredients as a reference for what’s inside. We also removed the description of each flavor because it felt superfluous when everything else on the package already seemed to cover it.unnamedThough it looks extraordinarily simple, the process of bringing these pints to life is rather technical. It’s not simply a font created for us. Each flavor has a unique space, size, and ingredient requirement, and the design for each flavor has to be meticulously hand drawn.

The resulting look is our interpretation of early- to mid-century, mid-American style. The pints are almost undesigned in a way; the focus is 100% on what’s inside.

This new design applies to our signature flavors only. It’s the cleanest, simplest, most bright-eyed expression of our character. This allows us the flexibility to conjure up new artwork for seasonal collections without worrying too much about conflicting designs. Which means we will be able to give each new collection a bold new, limited-edition look.

This holiday, winter, and spring the pints in our collections will be radically unique—something we could never have accomplished before.

Ernest Hemingway was known to have said about writing: “start with one true sentence.” We kept that in our heads while designing these pints. Removing all scrollwork and clutter is one of the hardest things you can do as a writer, no doubt. But that sentiment rings just as true in art and design, as every creative director, art director, or designer knows all too well. But when you get it right, you end up with something that transcends trend and style in favor of classic elegance and usefulness. I feel the same about the ice cream inside our pints.

I hope that our new pint is the design equivalent of “one true sentence,” as we tried to be as open as we could, with as much clarity and brevity as possible in order to let our true character shine forth over time.

As with everything we do, it’s an iteration that’s a part of a movement forward. There are already tweaks on the horizon. And we’d love your help. Please tell us about your experience with our new pints at We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and incorporating them into future prototypes.

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