A quick note from Jeni on American ice cream

The history of American ice cream is the history of America itself. An immigrant named Giovanni Bosio opened the first ice cream shop in America in 1770. A freed slave named Mrs. Jeremiah Shadd (or Aunt Sallie Shadd) could be called the Mother of American ice cream—she was said to have inspired Dolley Madison to serve it at her husband’s inaugural ball in 1813. In 1832, African American Augustus Jackson became known as the “Father of Ice Cream” when he modernized the technique in Philadelphia. And, in 1843, a Philadelphia woman named Nancy M. Johnson patented the technology we still use to make ice cream today.

In every way, the story of ice cream is the story of the country we love. And to all of us fighting to move America forward, we raise our Liberty Cones in celebration this Fourth. We invite you to do the same.

Flavor is more than what you taste. It’s your character. And to us, #flavoriseverything.