Catch Jeni on Viceland’s new show

Image courtesy of Viceland

Last fall, the folks from the Viceland channel stopped by our Los Feliz scoop shop to interview Jeni about the business of ice cream. They were filming for a new series called “The Ice Cream Show,” and we’re excited to share that the first episode—“How to Succeed in Ice Cream”—premieres tonight. And Jeni is in it!

She chats with host Isaac Lappert (at about 6 and a half minutes in) about how she invented a whole new style of ice cream making and why expansion is a great thing when it comes to ice cream making. (Spoiler: It has a lot of do with improving quality and procuring better ingredients.)

Tune into Viceland tonight at 10:30 p.m. (EST) to catch the first episode. Or get a sneak peek of the first show on YouTube.

Image courtesy of Viceland