Jeni’s Company Art Gala

It’s no secret that the folks who work at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams are big fans of the arts. With a leader on the boards of the Wexner Center for the Arts and Columbus College of Art & Design, appreciation for all things artistic is a part of our company culture.

Every day, these artists create works of art in the form of ice cream, but in their spare time they are crafters, printmakers, illustrators, photographers, cartoonists, carpenters, sculptors, and digital geniuses. The heart and soul of our ice cream, they’re also the stars of our company art gala on Saturday.

Check out some of the works on display:

David Lynch, watercolor and ink by Elizabeth Zaff (production kitchen).

Munchkin, linoleum block print greeting card by Kathryn Dorrian (shops).

Flying Lotus, stone lithograph by Hannah Bates (shops).

Family Portrait, pen & ink on cardboard by Dylan Tupts (fulfillment).

Devil’s Ivy on Black Velvet, 11-x-17″ Giclée print by Kelsey McClellan (Art & Design).