Jeni’s Company Band & Cocktails—Friday Feb. 8 at Kobo

Bust out the datebook—there’s a special event on the horizon.

On Friday Feb. 8 at Kobo, Jeni’s Company Band (featuring members of our kitchen team) will celebrate the release of Flavors From Earth, a 4-song LP recorded to coincide with our “Flavors From Earth” winter flavor campaign. Doors will open at 9 p.m., with the first band playing at 10. Admission is $5.

Joining Jeni’s Company Band will be the sweet Columbus bands Maza BlaskaSable Spurs, and Weight of Whales—which all include musicians who play in Jeni’s Company Band.

The merch table will be stocked with LPs, but if you can’t wait ’til Friday to snag one, head to one of Columbus’ best record shops, Lost Weekend Records, which is the sole outlet (outside of our shops and that is selling the record.

In addition to the evening of music, our Street Treats Truck will be stocked with ice creams and inside the club we’ll be serving special sorbet cocktails. We’ll have ingredients for just 60 cocktails, so if you’d like to imbibe get there early—when they’re gone, they’re gone. Proceeds will be donated to a group that does great work in Central Ohio, the Columbus Music Co-op.

Now, about those cocktails—here’s the lineup:

Sword in the Stone
Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet pierced with “a sword” (a skewer) and drenched in bourbon (we like Middle West Spirits’ Oyo Bourbon Whiskey, Michelone Reserve).

Lady of the Lake
Ugandan Vanilla Bean ice cream, Cherry Lambic Sorbet pierced with a sword/skewer in a “lake” of  Oyo Stone Fruit Vodka.

We’ll see you there.