Jeni’s donut at the Standard hotel

Our spring collection is going to blow your mind. It’s a conceptual lineup of flavors you know you’ve had sometime, somewhere, but maybe never in this way. Ice creams like Supermoon—a two-in-one flavor that’s half vanilla marshmallow ice cream, half blue violet ice cream.


Why are we teasing this now, with so many months left until spring? Because if you’re in LA over the next two weeks, you can get a Supermoon sneak peek of sorts. We’ve transformed our double flavor into a donut, which will be served at the Standard hotel in West Hollywood as part of their ongoing Doughnuts with Friends series from Jan 1–Jan 14. The donut is stuffed with marshmallow-scented cream, coated in a purple creme de violette frosting, and topped with crushed graham streusel. It’s like the marshmallow cereal we all loved as kids, only better.

It’s a flavor all about scent—from sugary, vanilla marshmallows to floral, barely sweet violet—because that’s what we do here. We tell stories through scented sweet cream, and have been since Jeni first added cayenne essential oil to chocolate ice cream. These are flavors capable of transporting you to another place and time. We hope the donut iteration has the same effect.

A huge thanks to rockstar chef Ari Taymor, who runs Alma at the Standard, for inviting us to host a chapter of Doughnuts with Friends. Since November, Ari has tapped chefs from all over the country—chefs he feels have “an interesting take, a different flavor profile, or just a different way of [seeing things]”—to create unique donuts, each for a fortnight stint. Ari came up with the idea for Doughnuts with Friends as a nod to his childhood in Palo Alto where visits to Happy Donuts where a rare treat. He hopes this collaboration brings back that childlike feeling for diners.

Alma has a reputation for creative off-menu donuts in flavors like popcorn and Vietnamese coffee. And so Ari will be serving a house donut, in addition to serving Supermoon donuts during brunch hours at Alma, poolside, and through room service.