Jeni’s Makes Splash With Breeders

Late last year our Ohio pal Kelley Deal was sweet enough to take time away from knitting “bags that rock” and playing concerts around the U.S. and beyond to send Jeni an autographed vinyl copy of Fallout and Fire, the EP by the homespun folk-with-rock-attitude band Kelley calls R. Ring.

We returned the favor by shipping some ice cream on I-70 west to Kelley’s place in Dayton. We figured Kelley and her sister Kim could use some homegrown fuel.

After all, the identical twins and their band mates Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson were rehearsing for the current Breeders tour that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Last Splash, the big-time 1993 rock album that gave the world Cannonball and Divine Hammer.

When the ice cream arrived at the Breeders’ camp, Kim snapped a pic of a set list collage (see above) and wrote us: “Do you realize how you all have set me up to be the “ice cream hero’?”

Hey, from where we’re sitting the world can always use a few more ice cream heroes like Kelley, Josephine, Kim, and Jim:

(Photo courtesy of Chris Glass.)

The Breeders’ tour brings arrives in Nashville tonight, so if you’re in Music City why not make it a date?

First, go to Grimey’s and pick up LSXX, the special 20th anniversary edition of Last Splash. Then, head to East Nashville, grab dinner at the Silly Goose or  the Rosepepper, pop in for some Jeni’s, and head to the show at the Cannery Ballroom.

Who knows? Along the way maybe you’ll run into Kelley and ya’ll can talk ice cream and rock, which we recently did via email:

So, what’s it feel like to play Cannonball and Divine Hammer in 2013?

“Very similar to what it felt like (back) then! The songs have aged quite nicely. It helps that they are super fun songs to play.”

How does your 2013 tour rider compare to your early ’90s tour rider?

“Same as in ’93 minus the alcohol! Ha! Meat tray for Jim, plus hummus, peanut butter, fruits, and veggies (for us).”

What do you like to do when you aren’t on stage?

“Go to a movie. Isolate in the hotel room. Find a little thrift store.”

What do you remember about the first time you had Jeni’s?

“I remember seeing the Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries ice cream and thinking, ‘No way will that be edible!’ Then I tasted it and was blown away with how much it tasted like corn. Definitely my favorite!”

If you could create your own ice cream flavor, what would it be?

“Well, as the rest of the Breeders devoured the care package you recently sent us, there was Josephine who, as a vegan, could not indulge! So this question goes to Jo, who answers: ‘Coconut and lime with chopped dark chocolate covered almonds. Feel free to use coconut milk or soy?’ ”

For the record, Kelley and Josephine and all interested parties: Jeni has been mixing and blending ingredients for a vegan ice cream. Stay tuned, dairy-free friends. Until then, let’s listen: