Jeni’s New Rampside Pickup

On April Fool’s Day we kidded about adding a replica of the Santa Maria to our fleet of delivery vehicles. Well, the latest addition to our stable ain’t no joke. Not at all.

Check it out: earlier this week, the good people at Canton’s Motor Car Portfolio delivered us this beautiful 1962 Chevrolet Corvair 95 Rampside pickup. Expect to see it outside our scoop shops and at special events throughout central Ohio.

We’ll keep you posted. And when you come out for a closer look, we’ll be sure to drop the ramp down for you as we did for little Nina, who likes to hang out with her mom at the bay window table in our Grandview scoop shop. Look at her. Nina can’t even stand how sweet this burnt-orange Rampside classic is:

The Rampside, on display earlier this week in front of our good friends at Stauf’s:

Holly Schomberg, assistant manager of the Grandview shop, with the Rampside’s primary driver Art Kadlec. Catch Art and the Rampside at various special events this summer:

My what a great profile you have, Rampside:

Interior details for days:

Heavy Chevy:

Lovely monogram:

A mini Corvair rally in front of Stauf’s earlier this week. The Corvair behind the Rampside is a regular there: