Let’s hit the road: Meet our Early Summer Collection


This spring I was inspired by art, especially Winslow Homer and George Bellows paintings from the coast of Maine. The deep blues of the ocean, bright blues of the sky, the cool breezes, the boardwalks, salt water taffy, and lemon ice. The whole collection became sort of a road trip for me along a mythical path, loosely based on the drive from Maine to North Carolina. Sights, sounds, smells, and culture along the way.

The gradient blue pint collection represents the sea and sky, and the motion forward in changing from deep to light and back again. Like a journey along a mythical, dramatic American coastline.

The gradient blue pint collection represents the sea and sky.

Whole Lemon Sorbet—which uses all parts of the lemon to bring three distinct flavors together—is like that boardwalk stop. Birch & Marshmallows, with its soft wintergreen essence and fluffy marshmallows, conjures up visions of a misty birch forest. Maybe you roll the windows down and smell wildflowers plump with nectar—earthy, polleny, reminiscent of Ylang Ylang & Fennel (which we argue should be used in place of vanilla ice cream all summer long). Maybe you end up in a coastal diner and you get a slice of salty and citrusy Atlantic Beach Pie (this summer’s it dessert).


But, in the end, our Early Summer Collection is really more about the flavors we love and using those flavors to tell a bit of the American story. When we got into the kitchen last winter, we started making ice creams we wanted to eat. Ice creams that, to us, signal the start of summer. We allowed our curiosities to lead us and found flavors that we love, that make us dance with excitement, and put huge smiles on our faces, and that we hope will do the same for you.