Now open in Washington, D.C.! A peek inside our new scoop shop

This month, we opened our first scoop shop in the nation’s capital, and we couldn’t be prouder to now call Washington, D.C. home. Here’s a peek inside our latest two-story shop at 14th and U streets.

The details of every scoop shop are unique—there’s no cookie cutter, out-of-the-box formula because we want every space to feel like it’s part of the neighborhood (because it is). But there are a few elements that carry through all of our shops. Like the same oak accents and white tile Jeni used in her first scoop shop, inspired by the look of a traditional dairy.

You will also see a lot of plants in our scoop shops—a common touch in all our shops, and a nod back to Jeni’s early days working near a farmers market.

Grab your ice cream and head upstairs, to undoubtedly the best part of this shop—what we are affectionately calling “the parlor room.” A few things to note along the way…

The gallery wall along the stairs is a museum of the 22 years Jeni has been at it. It shares the story of the farmers, producers, and makers we’ve worked with for years—the community of people it takes to make ice cream.

The neon green-blue color used to cover trim and highlight two bay windows was custom made just for this shop. It’s the perfect complement to sunny yellow Clare Vivier wallpaper.

We believe ice cream has the power to bring people together, so we’ve created the kind of spaced we’d love to gather with friends and strangers over a scoop of ice cream. It’s a place to get to know someone better.

And now some quick shoutouts! These dedicated ice cream lovers were the first customers in line for our grand opening in early October. Sae (left) started waiting at 2:30 p.m. (for a 7 p.m. event start time). Now a D.C. resident, Sae discovered Jeni’s while in college in Nashville and our shops, she says, become her “happy place.” Her order: “It has to be Wildberry Lavender.”

Kasmir (right) had actually been waiting since 1 p.m.—and gave up her No. 1 spot to hop inside to grab a scoop of Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks while she waited. Kasmir, who made the trek into the metro area from New Jersey, remembers visiting her grandparents in Columbus and riding her bike to Jeni’s for a scoop of Buckeye State. Thanks to you both—and to everyone else who showed up—for such a warm welcome to the neighborhood.