Mango Lassi Color Guide

It’s so easy to fall in love with Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt. That custardy texture, that intoxicating scent that whisks you away to an exotic place, and that . . . color. Warm, bold, loud, proud—it seems to be everywhere around you. Here are a few colorful items out there adding a splash of Mango Lassi color to our world.


1. This book from renowned publisher, Taschen, will further your education and love of Henri Matisse.

2. Artist Heather Chontos‘ abstract paintings are bold, rich, and honest.

3. We’re pretending the balloons in this playful illustration from Danielle Kroll are scoops of Mango Lassi.

4. These Ilse Jacobsen boots should bring a little sunshine to an otherwise very wet summer.

5. We’re just nuts about the packaging from (pun unapologetically intended).

6. This Nashville Field Guide is a must for any visit to the Music City.