Mom’s Banana Bread Sundae Has Been Poster-ized!

Brenda Rosmarin, the Art & Design Team here at Jeni’s loves your Gravel-ized masterwork, Mom’s Banana Bread. Your sundae has been poster-ized!

And if any of you out there would like to recreate Mom’s Banana Bread, here’s what Brenda used:

Bananas + Honey
Whiskey & Pecans
Salty Caramel Sauce
Salty Graham Gravel
Smoked almonds
Whipped cream

Please note: We’re poster-izing just one more Gravel sundae. Want to win the final poster?

To be eligible:

Build your sundae (at home or in our shops—sundaes made at home are 100% eligible)
Name it
Shoot it
Tag it: #jenisgravel
Post it between now and 8 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 2
Go to and check out all the sundaes being made throughout America

Sundaes made at home are 100% eligible.

Happy Graveling!