Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean

If you’re browsing today or visiting a scoop shop or grocery next week and beyond, you’ll notice a flavor called Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean.

Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean is the new name of Ugandan Vanilla Bean ice cream. Same recipe, same flavor, new name.

We changed the name to more explicitly reflect the partnership we enjoy with Ndali Estate and Lulu Sturdy and her team of growers. The African vanilla beans they grow and hand select are exquisite. They contain the most vanillin crystals, which are the rare white crystals that form on the outside of the finest vanilla beans. Lulu reserves these extra-special beans for us and makes extract from them on site at Ndali, then ships it straight to our kitchen. We are the only importers of this amazing vanilla in the United States.

Jeni says, “There is no doubt that the vanilla from Ndali is the most-gorgeous, roundest, and full-bodied vanilla flavor and scent that I have ever tasted—and I’ve certainly had my share of vanilla over the last 19 years in the ice cream business.”

This is no plain old vanilla ice cream. Jeni calls it voluptuous.

“It has a rich, strong vanilla scent and velvety texture,” she says. “It’s great with almost everything on our menu and it’s also fantastic by itself.”

You can read more about our partnership with Lulu and Ndali Estate in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home.