Neighborhood Spotlight: Central West End


Jeni’s Central West End opened in June, making it our first scoop shop in St. Louis. We knew this historic and architecturally rich neighborhood would feel like home to us and we’ve enjoyed getting to know our new neighbors. Recently we chatted with St. Louis resident, Jessica Leitch. She runs City in a Jar, a lifestyle blog focused on the exploration of St. Louis through food, places, and people. Here’s her take on the Central West End.

Tell us a little about yourself! What prompted you to start City in a Jar?
I’m a midwest based creative producer for a lifestyle and culture publication in St. Louis. I spend my days bouncing between writing about the interesting people and places in STL, coordinating photo shoots, and producing events. I also happen to be an expert car dancer.

At the time I started City in a Jar, I was working a job that wasn’t challenging me creatively. I was reading a lot of blogs in the evenings, thinking “I bake, I make stuff, I like writing – I could do this!”. So I did just that. Four years later the blog has evolved into a creative outlet and an excellent way to explore my city by telling the stories of the people behind it all.

How has living in St. Louis inspired the work you do?
St. Louis has a really supportive creative community. Ideas and projects have room to flourish and support is easy to come by.

What is your go-to spot for brunch when entertaining out-of-towners?
Cafe Osage! David Kirkland is the chef behind some of the most simple and delicious meals I’ve enjoyed. The cafe is also attached to Bowood Farms, a well-curated shop and beautiful nursery, which acts as a great distraction during the usual Sunday brunch wait.


What is your favorite hidden gem in the Central West End?
Brennan’s, though i’m not sure how “hidden” it really is.

What’s a misconception about the Central West End that most outsiders have? Set the record straight.
Cost. Most people assume that a night out in the Central West End will be really expensive. On the contrary – there are lots of spots with affordable, tasty drinks.

It’s a Friday night, you have a new dress, and zero responsibilities the next day. Where are you going to go and what are you drinking?
I’m definitely heading to Taste and drinking a Southside c. 1920, or two.