New flavor alert! Coconut & Cacao

This year, look for a new, shop-only flavor every single month—an ice cream exclusively served by the scoop and sometimes just for that month. (Don’t worry if you’re not near a shop: We have plenty of new seasonal pint flavors in the works that will be available online.)

Up first for January: Coconut & Cacao. It’s not an exaggeration to say this is a drop dead gorgeous ice cream. Like, if there was a beauty pageant for ice cream—Coconut & Cacao would be bringing home the crown. No contest.

To make this beauty—inspired by classic coconut ice creams popular at New England ice cream parlors—we start with sunny coconut-scented cream and add unsweetened coconut flakes for texture. This super warm, very tropical coconut builds on your palate. All sugar and cream with almost salty coconut flavor. After a few glorious bites you might start thinking, it’s almost too sweet. Then … BAM! There’s a crunch from a bitter chocolate chip. And when we say bitter, we mean chocolate with absolutely zero sugar—nothing at all in there to sweeten the cacao one single iota.

It’s a startling moment, biting into one of these chips. But with all the sugar, cream, and coconut flavor built up on your tongue, a quick taste of something bitter is exactly what you need to clear your palate. Like a citrusy sorbet between courses of a heavy meal. Or a cracker or slice of bread during a wine tasting. Unsweetened chocolate—used sparingly enough throughout the ice cream so you won’t get one in every bite—helps you savor the flavor much longer. (Fun fact: So uncommon is using unsweetened chocolate chips that we had to source whole blocks of the bitter chocolate and chop it by hand in our kitchen.)

Pro tip: for the best experience, order Coconut & Cacao on a cone.