New Flavors to Take Your Honey Where It’s Sunny


This Valentine’s Day, take your honey where it’s sunny. Our new collection—available in shops and online today—features three ultra-creamy tropical tastes and the classiest chocolate number on the block.

Banana Cajeta: Fresh bananas blended with Ohio honey, grass-grazed Ohio cream, and swirls of sweet and tangy cajeta (goat’s milk caramel sauce) from Vermont’s Fat Toad Farm. A love letter from Little Havana.

Double-Toasted Coconut: Grass-grazed Ohio cream. Flecks of caramelized coconut toasted to an even, golden brown. Just enough sea salt to enhance the nuttiness of the unsweetened coconut. Instantly transports you to a sunny place.

Guava Cloverton: Soft, light, and creamy small-batch Cloverton cheese from Southern Ohio’s Laurel Valley Creamery. Exquisite, grass-grazed Ohio milk and cream. Pockets of sweet, intensely flavorful, made-from-scratch guava jam. Cheesecake with a tropical twist.

Roxbury Road: Dense dark milk chocolate ice cream. Crunchy smoked almonds. Handmade, melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows. A swirl of from-scratch caramel sauce. The only thing better is love.

All are available  in our scoop shops and can be shipped nationwide from And all, except Guava Cloverton, have been made to available to our retail partners to order. (If you don’t see Banana Cajeta, Double-Toasted Coconut, or Roxbury Road on the shelves in the freezer, put in a request at the store.)

For anyone near our scoop shops, here’s a bonus addition to our menu: the new shops-only Double-Toasted Coconut + Cajeta Macaroon Sandwich: Grass-grazed Ohio cream, flecks of nutty, salty, caramelized coconut, and swirls of sweet and tangy cajeta (goat’s milk caramel sauce) from Vermont’s Fat Toad Farm. All of it between chewy almond macaroon cookies.