New partner announcement

As we shift our focus in our kitchens to doing the stuff that only we can do—ingredients, recipe, process (read more about all that here)—our network of growers, producers, and makers is continuing to grow.

In addition to Smith Dairy, we are now working with a second company that has the extra capacity and the right machines to freeze our ingredients into ice cream for us: the Chocolate Shoppe in Madison, Wisconsin, a 50-year-old, second-generation gem.

We’re supplying them with the fresh Ohio cream and grass-grazed milk sourced for us by Smith’s and ingredients either prepped and shipped from our kitchen in Columbus or shipped directly from our producers.

This week, we sent them all of the ingredients they need to make our Whiskey & Pecans ice cream—including OYO Whiskey from Middle West Spirits—which we’re really excited about.

We’re thinking about it like this: many production kitchens and plants have unused space and time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they all opened themselves up for small companies to use and take advantage of? Isn’t it like many other things we are used to now—the sharing economy?

They’ve got a production kitchen with awesome equipment and we’ve got ice cream prepped and ready to freeze! We are making our ice cream there with our recipes and our ingredients from our community of growers and makers.

Which gives me an idea…

Dear Uber, how about a kitchen sharing app? Breweries, wineries, cheese facilities, bakeries, all!…… rather than build it, share it!