Martha Stewart Radio –> Dean & DeLuca SoHo –> Mucca Design –> Warby Parker –> Murray’s Cheese –> Murray’s cheese caves.

We started the day at the headquarters of Sirius XM.

In the studio of Martha Stewart Radio.

Then it was off to Dean & DeLuca SoHo to scoop at Broadway & Prince.

We had a super tricky parking situation to figure out. With the help of a lot of really cool New Yorkers, we solved it by parking the truck facing the wrong way on Broadway, which felt like the busiest one-way street in the world right then.

At that point, there was already a line of people in the know, but we still had to wait for a couple other vehicles to move before we could get busy. Then, just as we were inching back into our spot, a Mister Softee truck swooped in and tried to steal it.

It was a total dick move, he came within a millimeter of the truck.

But, folks on the scene knew the score…

We were clearly right, he was clearly wrong. I gesticulated. Giorgio DeLuca invited us to park here, we have a permit. Expletive, expletive, expletive. The crowd was already capturing it, but Will pulled out his camera to act like he was recording what the guy was doing, and that seemed to do the trick.

We won.

And then, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, we started giving out free ice cream to the good people of New York.

The line (back of the truck’s there on the left).

The view from inside Dean & DeLuca.

Giorgio DeLuca and Jeni.

Jeni and her editor at Artisan Books, Ann Bramson, a legend in the biz.

Foursquare was in the house. Lovely folks. Big shout-out to Akshay and the rest of the team.

Requisite cone shot.

(via alysewhitney)

We had to cut off the line—hardest part of the gig—after these three ladies.

Then we went down the block to scoop at Mucca Design and check out their space.

Me, Matteo, and Jeni.

Next up was Warby Parker, where we got a sneak peek at their fall collection.

The showroom.

Their customer experience team.

Ice cream always makes meetings better.

Zach helped Jeni get some new shades.

Then we sped across town for an unannounced stop in front of Murray’s Cheese in Greenwich Village, New York’s oldest cheese shop.

Word got out.

Art and Anna, two of our MVP scoopers from Team Jeni’s for the week.

Part of the Murray’s team.

Then we went inside for an after-hours beer float party.

First, though, we suited up for a tour of the Murray’s cheese caves.

(More photos from the cheese caves here.)

The menu for the night.

Will, our other MVP scooper for the week.

Katie Quinn and Jeni.

Brady from Middle West was in town and swung by.

Martha Stewart Weddings wrote about the party the day after in a trend piece on beer floats.

Great times.